Mogilev "Strommashina" PlantIn 1913 a copper-foundry and machine building enterprise was established in Dneprovskii avenue in Mogilev. The company arranged the construction of mills, oileries and distilleries, selling of ploughs, axes and so on.

In 1920 the plant was nationalized. It was engaged in repairing automobiles, mobile kitchens and in production of military vehicles.

In 1941 the plant dismantled its equipment and was evacuated deep into Russia.

In 1946 the reconstruction of the plant began. It came under the authority of the Ministry of Machine Building At that time it was given its present name "Strommachina". The plant was to produce machinery for the construction materials industry. The first press for bricks manufacturing was assembled on 30th October, 1946. It was the very beginning of the production of automatic high-efficiency flow lines.