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"Strommashina" is a modern multiline machine building enterprise equipped with unique machinery. It specializes in production of equipment and technological lines for manufacturing building materials, concrete sleepers, tower cranes, mining equipment, oil-production equipment.

We offer:

  • Equipment and production lines for manufacturing ceramic and refractory bricks(clay rippers, feeders, rolls, mixers, crushers, disintegrators, semi-dry moulding presses, extruders, clay cutting machines) for brick factories of capacity from 5 mln. to 75 mln. bricks per year;
  • Equipment and production lines for manufacturing asbestos-and-cement articles (corrugated and flat asbestos boards, asbestos-and-cement pipes);
  • Production lines for manufacturing prepared roofing paper, glass fibre cloth;
  • Production lines for manufacturing prestressed concrete sleepers and switch bars;
  • Vibrating presses for manufacturing side-walk tiles, border stones and wall stones;
  • Oil-production equipment;
  • Mining equipment;
  • Pig-iron tubbings for shaft fastening of underground structures and mines;
  • Tower cranes KBM-401P (КБМ-401П) (maximum boom is 40 m, maximum hook height is 74 m, maximum carrying capacity is 10 t);
  • Equipment for production pectinated plates;
  • Equipment for production fine ceramics.

In confirmation of high quality and reliability of its equipment the plant has a certified quality management system of compliance to the international standard ISO 9001-2008, STB ISO 9001-2009, GOST ISO 9001-2011.

We invite you to mutually benefit cooperation. We hope to be a reliable partner for you. We guarantee quality, reliability and productivity of our equipment. We provide guarantee and after-guarantee servicing of supplied machinery, delivery of spares. We render practical assistance in adjustment and putting into operation the machinery, training of customer’s specialists.

Tel. for contacts: +375 222 22-34-14.

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