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Mogilev "Strommashina" PlantIn 1913 a copper-foundry and machine building enterprise was established in Dneprovskii avenue in Mogilev. The company arranged the construction of mills, oileries and distilleries, selling of ploughs, axes and so on.

In 1920 the plant was nationalized. It was engaged in repairing automobiles, mobile kitchens and in production of military vehicles.

In 1941 the plant dismantled its equipment and was evacuated deep into Russia.

In 1946 the reconstruction of the plant began. It came under the authority of the Ministry of Machine Building At that time it was given its present name "Strommachina". The plant was to produce machinery for the construction materials industry. The first press for bricks manufacturing was assembled on 30th October, 1946. It was the very beginning of the production of automatic high-efficiency flow lines.

In 1950 new orders were received. In order to fulfill them it was necessary to enlarge the plant. New buildings were equipped with modern machinery and production lines were quickly increased. These were production lines for manufacturing roofing corrugated asbestos boards, presses and machinery for manufacturing bricks, machinery for fine ceramics, units for manufacturing soft roofing tiles (roofing felt, prepared roofing paper etc.). Our automatic line for manufacturing asbestos-cement pipes was a new development in civil engineering. For the first time in the world of machine building, an automatic line for manufacturing asbestos-cement sheets without any gasket was produced — CM898 (output — 6-8 thousand pcs of conv. tiles/h). The machinery with the "Strommashina" trade mark proved its excellence in Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, India, and Indonesia.

In 1962 the territory and shops of "Electrodvigatel" plant were turned over to the "Strommashina" plant. According to the plan of reconstruction a new metalwork shop, an engineers’ building, and a big assembling-and-painting shop went into operation.

The plant exports its products to the following countries: Bulgaria, Cuba, Hungary, Latvia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, India, CIS, Indonesia, Turkey, Italy, France, Iran, Estonia.

From 1962 to 1965 the plant developed a series of freight elevators and a completely new model of passenger lifts with rated load capacity of 350-500 kg.

From 1965 to 1974 — prior to the formation of the Mogilev Lift plant, lift production had made up half the total "Strommashina" output, i.e. 3,400 lifts per year were produced.

When the lifts went out of production the plant increased the output of machinery for manufacturing asbestos-cement board, asbestos-cement tubes, ceramic articles, roll roofing and water proofing materials, reinforced glass fibre cloth, and other machinery. Up to 150 items of machinery and automatic production lines were produced annually. The plant brought to a commercial level the production of about 600 machines ordered by industries of our country and foreign states. The products of the plant were often exhibited in Moscow, Poznan, Lagos, Zagreb. They were granted certificates and medals more than once.

In 1980 the plant launched production of automatic lines for manufacturing bricks — CMK350 (output — 75 mln. pcs./yr), lines for manufacturing corrugated asbestos-cement sheets of the type CB 40/150-7-1750 — CMA170 (output — 7,937pcs./h), CMA 365 (output — 6,217pcs/h) and machinery for manufacturing 4m — asbestos-cement pipes CMA256.

In 1992 the plant launched the production of machinery for manufacturing concrete railway sleepers and switch bars for main tracks with gauge width of 1,520 mm.

In 1998 the plant started the production of a vibrating press for manufacturing sidewalk plates, wall stones and border stones.

In 1999 the plant brought agricultural equipment into production level: ploughs, auger bucket loaders, clamp coverers.

In 2000 we produced a test sample of the technological line for production of manufacturing fuel bricks from the sediment of sewage and organic wastes. We launched complex of equipment BGP-5000 (БГП-5000) for lime-and-sand brick production.

In 2002 the plant started the production of equipment for soft roofing tiles as well as spare parts for oil production equipment.

In 2003 we started the production of iron tubbings for fastening of mine channels.

In 2005 the first OSH 1600/100 (ОШ 1600/110) spreader was produced.

In 2006 we launch the production of mobile tower cranes KBM-401P (КБМ-401П) with maximum capacity of 10 t, maximum hook height of 74 m. We are developing new models of tower cranes at present.

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