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Machine-assembling department

Machine-assembling departmentIt is possible to make all kinds of mechanical processing with high accuracy using the equipment mounted at «Strommashina» plant: turning, milling, drilling, planning, grinding, etc.:

  • to turn small parts like shafts of 1000 mm in diameter and of 8 000 mm length;
  • to process cases of 40 t weight and of dimensions 2500×3000×5000 mm;
  • to cut the teeth on gears of 2 000 mm in diameter with the module up to m = 20 mm;
  • to assemble and run in lines in height to 6000 mm, width 12000 mm and length 70000 mm.

Blank department

Blank departmentOne of the largest shops of the plant — the shop of metalwork. It includes blank department, assembling and welding department, gas-cutting department and blacksmith’s department. It allows to process up to 20 000 tons of metal rolling per year, to make welded metalworks and cases and up to 30 tons with dimensions 4000×3000×1000 mm.

Foundry department

Foundry departmentThere is a foundry department at the plant. It includes:

  • iron shop with capacity of 10000 tons of pig-iron СЧ20 moulding per year,
  • shop of non-ferrous castings with capacity of 250 t/ year,
  • shop die casting with capacity of 380 t/ year.

Galvanizing bay

Galvanizing bayIn 2009 a Galvanizing line was launched into operation. It is used for electrochemical zinc covering in suspensions and drums with capacity of 89 000 m2/year.

Tool shopTool shop is equipped with the most advanced equipment and specializes on manufacturing moulds, stamps, devices for cutting and measuring tools.

Consumer goods shop specializes on locks and ironmongery production with capacity of 700 000 locks and latches per year.

In 1998 the line of polymeric powder covering with capacity of 100 000 m2/year was launched into operation.

There are over 500 units of basic technological equipment at the plant, more than 50 units are unique.

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